A splash of colours!

So many things are going on I almost forget to share it with you!

In my last article I wrote that I wanted to take things to the next level. And I’m definitely heading there. For those following me on Facebook and Instagram have seen pictures coming by with bright colours. I decided to change the Batik to bright coloured cotton lining. And the minute I did that I felt that the bags looked better, much more Nienke. I didn’t expect it would make such a big difference.

Besides this I’m redeveloping my bags with a new workshop in Bandung, which is closer to Jakarta. Especially the office bag is getting a makeover including a laptop compartment. If all goes well in a few weeks I can admire first production in Bandung of Tote Lalu and office bag Pintar. But I’m also still making a lot of bags myself. Waist bag Pinggang has a new slightly bigger size to fit your new big phone. And custom orders! I made such beautiful bags if I can say so myself. That is one of things that make me really happy.


Having more bags produced also means that I have to sell more bags. I decided that it might be a good idea to sell also bags closer to my home: Indonesia. I had a stand at the Eastern Bazaar in Jakarta. Even though it was not well visited I sold almost all of my purses. Especially purse Sederhana was well received, even by the Indonesians (to be honest this is one of my favourites as well). Tomorrow I’m participating in an Open House Bazaar again, let’s hope it’s gonna be just as successful again! Next objective is to find more channels here in Indonesia. Time to get my sales pitch out again!  

Talking of taking things to the next level, I’ve been working on my brand presentation as well. Had a display unit made that I can take to the bazaars, but also makes a nice showroom at home. Working on nice packaging for the bags (being a packaging developer by education should have done this way earlier). Making new pictures of the bags. And getting more active on Instagram, which is almost bigger than Facebook here.

Unfortunately I also have some less good news… due to the bad performance of the Euro I had to raise the price of my bags. I was hoping the Euro would recover but unfortunately the last months it is only going down even more. I am very sorry and I hope you understand.

But let’s finish with some good news! I’m coming to the Netherlands for two weeks in June. And I will take many bags with me. So let’s catch up, you can find me at the Sunday Market on the 7th of June at the Westergasterrein in Amsterdam.

Lots of love,


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