Happy Indoversary!

One year Nynqué in Indonesia! I did not realised this until immigration told me my visa was expired… A perfect moment to look back at what have I achieved in my first year as bag designer. Well, if “bag designer” would cover the job life would have been much easier. Being an independent entrepreneur in an unknown country also means being a web-designer, accountant, blogger, production expert, graphic designer, expat, pain-in-the-ass (chasing up Indonesians) but most of al being an adventurer who doesn’t give up. I travelled through the country looking for the best production and leather quality in my best Bahasa Indonesian language skills. Redefined my designs and developed new ones. Visited the Netherlands to get my bags in shops. And I succeeded. I am super happy what I’ve achieved and learned in one year. Dealing with external (Indonesian) production, recognizing good leather quality and bag production, running sales. And things are picking up, getting more orders every month.

Yes there are certain things that I could have done better. And there is a lot to improve on the leather & bag production in Yogyakarta. Last article I told you about custom produced leather for tote Lalu. Well, it was ready last week, two months later... And I’m not fully happy about leather quality yet. Yes, I have to push more on delivery time, but quality is not something I will compromise on. Maybe I will go to Yogyakarta again to speed things up and clarify what leather I’m after.

So what’s next for coming year? I will focus on bringing things to the next level. Focus a bit more on my brand and the story, I want to make sure leather and production is the best, and of course selling more bags :-) But maybe more important I have to redefine the way I’ve been working so far. Being an independent entrepreneur also means working alone all day, every day. I found it hard to stay focused and energized, not losing myself in all the things that have to be done. It is my passion to design and make bags, that’s why I started Nynqué. So I have to make sure I get enough energy and drive from this passion to keep on running a business. Maybe this means delegate some of the things that I’m not good at and cost me too much energy so I can keep on doing what I love the most.

For now only one more week till my first real anniversary. I will celebrate this with a nice glass of wine (which is very expensive here, so drinking wine is only for special occasions). Cheers!

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