De tas van Sinterklaas

What a fantastic Sinterklaas day for me! Or for the English-speaking people among us: Christmas has come early this year. I went to Yogyakarta to check first production of the black purse Cantik. Remember that I posted on Facebook last week that I went to check the leather? Well, now was the time has come to check the final result. Overall I am very happy and a little (understated) proud of myself seeing so many of my bags together. The bags look almost the same as I’d made them. Just one tiny-miny detail…. They put the label on the wrong position and half of the label is covered. Don’t ask my why they didn’t think it looks a little bit weird if you cannot read the full label. And if you take the label of it leaves small stitching holes in the leather, so needed to think of a solution that covers those holes. Initially I thought of taking the label off and rotating it horizontally. But to me, this looks even worse. The label becomes too big, attracting too much attention. So in the end, after they’ve already took all the labels off and even stitched four labels horizontally on, I asked them to put them back in the position they originally put them – partly covered. I bet you don’t understand what I mean, so I took some pictures including the original plan. Hope you all agree with me that I made that partly covered is the best solution. But for sure this is one of stories that belongs to the lesson learned; “explicitly explain everything”. And I really need to get an embossing stamp to burn the logo in the leather, which will lookvery subtle.

Next to purse Cantik I will be shipping fifteen waist-bags Pinggang and fifteen wallets Uang. Don’t know these items yet? Check them out in my shop (click here) and make sure you get one before they’re all sold out! Right now everything is on the way to the Netherlands. Including all necessary paperwork like packing list, invoice, and certificate of origin (stating that the bags are made of real Indonesian leather). One of my best friends Linda will make sure the bags end up in the shops – including my webshop. Thanks Linda, you're my Christmas angel :-) Will let you know if and where you can check my bags in real life, so keep an eye on my Facebook page!

Next step is to get Lalu shopper to be produced in Yogyakarta as well. The tannery is sampling leather to match my wishes. Should be ready in two weeks so might be heading up to Yogyakarta again to check this out. Will keep you updated!

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