Home sweet home...

Curious how my trip to the Netherlands was? Well, I cannot describe this in one word… it was great to see everyone again, cycle through Amsterdam, eat healthy sandwiches, drink a lot of wine, party on good music, visit Dutch Design Week, but most of all is was successful! Since the main purpose of my visit was to find shops willing to sell my bags and I am completely satisfied with the result.

It started on the day of my arrival. I had a small stand at the Sunday Market and ith great help of my dad the stand looked great. My sister helped me out the whole day (BIG thanks!) and it was really fun! As expected I mainly sold small things like bracelets, necklaces and small wallets, but I also sold few bigger bags. And the response of people passing by my stand was great! This gave me a confident boost that I sure needed next weeks when visiting shops. Overall a very successful but also tiresome day.

Next weeks I travelled around with my big bag full of samples visiting shops that I feel are matching my brand and should sell my bags. Although I emailed many shops upfront but I hardly received response. And when calling most shops said they don’t have place for a new brand in their shop. So I decided to just walk in. Since I have no sales experience at all you can imagine how nervous I was! But the shops responded very positive. They really like my bags, especially quality of the leather and my story. Wow! This made me feel so proud of myself. I ended up with a list of shops willing to sell my shop far exceeding my target. I’m not gonna tell you which shops yet, but the target is to be in store by December. So expect a big announcement by then!

Right now I’m on my way to Bandung, to buy new leather, and next week I will visit the workshop in Yogyakarta to align on first production. Yes, first production! I am not going to make all the bags myself anymore. And I need to start thinking about branding and marketing now. Every step I take, things are getting more real, more exciting and getting closer to my dream. Enough for now, I have to get of the train and find some beautiful leather. Next article I will tell about my visit to the workshop next week!

Albert Heijn and Hema, fiets and fresh air, wine and Tony Chocolony, cheese and speltbrood, and most of all family and friends, I will miss you but will be back in spring!

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