Nederland, ik kom er aan!

No blog postings last weeks, but I have a lot of good news! I received a sample of my Bibi shopper and I am very happy :-) Though it needs a little bit of attention to the details of the production the leather is super soft and overall the bags looks perfect! I also received sample of the small Cantik bag. Little bit less happy with this one due to finishing of the leather. Indonesians love bags to be shiny, so my supplier nicely polished the leather. Something I do not like at all, I like the leather to look matte and original. I explained this to him and sent him some more samples as reference. So I think I’m in a good place supplier wise.

I also launched a new accessory collection, called COLOR ME, with brightly coloured bracelets and necklets. Though I’m not into colour for my bags, I think the Indonesian sun affected me to use some colour. I opened a new Etsy shop for this, check it out at:

Have I mentioned before that I’m playing hockey here? Well I do. In a Dutch team :-). I’m not particularly good at it but I like it and we go for beer afterwards, which I might even like more. Anyway, every year there is a tournament among Dutch teams in South East Asia called ZOAT and my team is going as well. Unfortunately I am not joining since I already have a nice trip planned ahead.

But I made them a special deal; I designed two small bags and they can choose which one they want and select a colour, all for a special price. In return they will promote my bags among the other Dutchies at the tournament. Now I have 20 orders!!! You can imagine what our bedroom looks like! Will let you know if you can order these bags as well!

I briefly mentioned something about a nice trip: I’m coming to the Netherlands! From 4th to 27th of October I’m gonna sell my bags to the shops. Do you know a shop that might wanna sell my bags? Or you wished they sold my bags in you favourite shop? Let me know so I can make this happen!

Looking forward seeing everyone again, eating cheese, drinking wine, cycling through the city, fresh air, and even to wearing a sweater again ;-)

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