Business trip & hospital trip

Been a while since you heard from me and I bet you thought I was on Holidays again! Well, I wish I was... I’ve spent one week in the hospital with an appendix infection, which the doctors had some trouble to diagnose initially. I’m still recovering, but feeling better … and I got a thousand hilarious stories about Indonesian hospital. I will share a few. Like never leave the patient alone. And by saying never, I mean never. During the night sleep on the ground, next to the hospital bed. No matter how sick you feel, you have to eat (rice). Otherwise you will never get better. And when I asked the nurse to remove my plaster, they send a pastor. Including altar, incense, and Sacrament! So I left the hospital with blessings of the pastor :-).

I just realise I did not tell about the sample bag from Bali. Overall I am very satisfied with the quality of the production, the finish looks very neat and I’ve been using the bags several weeks and stitches seems strong enough. The only downside is the leather. It’s not soft and thick enough. I know this is very hard to find but I do not give up.

The week before my hospital retreat I’ve been to Yogyakarta. I’ve visited various suppliers and have to say this was quite a fertile trip. I feel like Yogyakarta has both good leather for my bags and suppliers that can deliver high quality. Before making samples I am asking to send me leather sample to save money. Received few swatches that look very promising and will ask to make a sample. I’ve even been to a traditional leather tannery where they dye and finish leather. It’s a multiple step process and they dye the leather in what looks like big beer vessels (see picture above). They will try to make my leather as well. So few things going and I have the feeling I am getting close to finding my supplier!

Coming weeks I will do what I in the end love the most; making bags! So keep an eye on my website for some limited edition bags, made by me :-)

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