New website launched!

The first article on my new website! And I’m not ashamed if I say that I’m very proud of my new site and myself. Now you (and everybody else) can directly buy my new collection online on my website. I even made a small video about Clutch Cita, check it out here! And guess what? I already sold the new “Pintar” office bag! Main focus now is to get more bags in the shop. Which means finding a good workshop.

Since I had no real success in Bandung, I’ve visited few workshops in Bali. I expected prices to be sky high in Bali but I have to say this is not the case. Of course few workshops charged prices sky-high but there were a few more acceptable. But what I did found out is finding the right quality (especially thickness and softness) of the leather is a bigger challenge. So I’m asking the workshop to show me the leather first before making a sample. But still it is hard to tell if the bag will look form only small piece of leather it’s at least something.

While I’m on Holidays in Bali (yes, Bali :-) ), one of the workshops is making a sample and another one is finding the right material. In the end of my Holidays I will see the result. I’m so excited to see my shopper Bibi made by someone else!

That’s all for now, next blog I will post some pictures of the sample made in Bali.

Oh and please, if you haven’t done so yet, like my Facebook page, Etsy shop and follow my board on Pinterest (see links below). Thanks a lot!!

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