Yes! This is my style :-)

A lot has happened last weeks! I don’t even know where to start!
As mentioned I’ve visited Bandung. And I’ve bought very beautiful, high quality cow leather. This shop is like heaven for me. Unfortunately the price of the leather is less heaven. I needed some haberdashery as well and dragged Sander along to find the right zippers, buckles, magnets, etc., and found it! I am very happy with the two bags of the new collection! Indonesia has influenced me as well, using beautiful, but modern Batik lining. I hope you like them as much as I do. Since I’m so happy, I dare to show my initial designs as well (the ones I mentioned in my previous article, that I do not like), but only at the end of this article.


Because I’m not planning to be my own workshop I visited two suppliers as well. The first supplier has just opened her workshop. She’s a young girl, just like me, trying to make her dream come true, just like me. Besides taking orders from customers she designs bags herself as well (together with her boyfriend). I like her bags a lot and she uses very beautiful, high quality leather. Her workshop is very small, and big time focused on quality. You can see that the guys that are working there take their time to make a bag. Unfortunately this also reflects in the price. Adding up shipment, customs and shop margins the retail price will easily reach "Chanel prices". And then I didn’t even make any money myself yet! So fingers crossed she can give me a better price.

I’ve visited another supplier as well. Well, she is more an agent. Her company already takes orders from other European customers and outsourcing production to a workshop in Garut, a few hours drive from Bandung. Garut is mainly known for cheap production of leather jackets. This indeed reflects in price, but I’m afraid also in quality. My main concern is they cannot deliver quality. Where the first workshop cannot take big orders, this workshop does not take small order quantities. But, if the order is too big they might outsource to one of the neighbor workshops without you knowing it. Though the agent mentioned she is on top of everything making sure quality is good I still have my doubts. I’ve asked them to send me a leather sample of the leather they think I’m after. So let’s see!

Luckily I am in contact with more suppliers, mainly around Yogyakarta which is more in the inlands of Java. And I will visit few suppliers in Bali as well mid of June (though I’ve been told they’re even more expensive). I’m also building an online shop and more stock. In the mean time I will put all bags that are for sale in my Etsy shop; (please add my shop to your favorites it will help me a lot).
You can make a custom request as well; for instance like the new office bag but maybe in another color? Or shopper Dulu but with a zipper? Send me a message, for sure we can work something out (also about shipment).

As promised below pictures of the first designs. Please note they’re made of artificial leather, giving it a cheap look. And if you know me you, then you know that color is not really me....


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