Stick to your style, girl!

Time is flying, almost two months since I arrived in Jakarta! I’m getting more and more adapted to pace of life here, meaning that almost everything takes twice the time I’m used to. I’ve been in contact with few leather workshops in Bandung and Yogyakarta who take custom orders and even met two of them in Jakarta.

Those already have orders from Europe, which means they are more familiar with shipping and quality requests. On top this there was the Inacraft fair in Jakarta; big handicraft fair where people from all-over Indonesia present their work. There was a lot of Batik in every colour you can imagine, with classic prints or more modern, in plain fabric, ready-made clothes, and home accessories. But luckily for me also few leather bag suppliers. And what I can tell; snake and crocodile leather is popular in Indonesia, and cheap. Bought few pieces of Batik, who knows you will see it back in my bags :-)

This week I will visit few suppliers in Bandung to see their workshops. Additionally they will take me to leather wholesalers to show me different types and qualities of leather. I am so excited to go as this means I can finally buy some leather to make bags of real leather again!

Last blog I mentioned I’m creating a new collection. I’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming, designing, making bags from synthetic leather. Without success. I don’t like the bags I designed; too complicated, not rough enough, too much colour… simply not me, not Nynqué. I spend quite some time drinking coffee in the patio of our apartment building overthinking why I did not like the new bags, and how to improve. Those of you familiar with the design process might know that every Eureka moment is preceded by this moment of depression. Last Wednesday I got my Eureka moment. I realised that I have to stick with my style; simple, no-nonsense bags made of strong, tough leather. I also realised that making the bags of synthetic leather is not helping. So will make new designs of real leather instead of synthetic to get a better image.

So still not there, but for sure heading in the right direction! Next blog I will share my trip to Bandung and how production from the workshop-in-the-bedroom is taking off. 

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