New machine, new fabric, and new ideas…

Wooheee!! My machine has arrived. As things go in Indonesia it was not first time right (have to get used to that). The initial demo machine appeared to not run smoothly. And of course they found this out after assembling and installing the machine in my apartment first. But I won’t complain,

as I am glad they are honest about it instead of selling me this machine. This also mends new negotiations about price and delivery time. Since they sell me a brand new machine and therefore I could not get the discount. But since I am getting the hang of negotiation I managed to get another Rp.300.000 discount (about €20). Because this new machine had to be ordered from Singapore delivery would be 30-40 days. Again, I pushed a bit and got the machine delivered one week later. Mr Emil bought the machine from another dealer in Jakarta instead of from the supplier which made me realise I am still paying a relatively high price, but what can I say, I am happy. Smart as I am I made photos from serial number of the machine initially delivered to make sure they don’t sell me this machine.

So, now my bedroom is starting to look like a sewing workshop!

In the mean time I’ve done some more shopping in Jakarta for leather and haberdashery. No luck with the leather but I found a huge shop (it looks very small from front but goes on and on) at Pasar Mayestik selling thousands of buttons, ribbons, threads, buckles, etc. Next step is to check quality. But what made me almost as happy is that Pasar Mayestik is so far the best place for buying fabric. Prices are lower compared to Pasar Baru and selection is big! Different kinds of cotton, lycra, and chiffon varying from Rp. 15.000 (€1) to Rp. 60.000 (€4) per meter. I bought some beautiful prints to make me some new clothes, and thinking to use some of the prints as a liner for the new collection.

Yes, new collection! I think there is some space for me in Jakarta to sell my bags and decided to take a refresh the collection with new, edgier designs and include (a little bit) of colour. Curious how it will look? Above you’ll find a sneak preview of the mood board for the new collection. But of course the old designs will still be available for custom orders!

Next article I will reveal a little bit more of the new collection. In the mean time I am accepting custom orders! 

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